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Hello, my name is Alexandra!

My name is Alexandra, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a certified yoga Instructor who is passionate about holistic healing. I started my journey of transforming to a vegan diet about a year ago and I could say it has been the best gift for my health ever since.

I recently discovered the cure to all my digestive and skin problems by following a plant-based diet.

Today, I am so happy to share this with you and here to help you with your journey of reaching your expectations and goals for a healthy living and beautiful life.

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Flat Tummy Method on TV

Mi hermana Alexandra Chaux dando una clase de hipopresivos en Univisión!!!Súper!!! Te amamos.Univision 34 Los Angeles invited Doctor Alexandra Chaux from Full Spectrum Physical Therapy to talk about the "Modern Abdominals" the Hipopressives!

Posted by Janeth L Chaux on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How it works?

Organizations regulating organic products may choose to restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in farming.
In general, irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.


The hypopressive abdominal  Method produce a reduction in thoracic, pelvic, and abdominal pressure through a series of postures and proper...

Core Fit

Eating habits should be regulated and controlled – only natural organic food will make our body healthy and strong.

Core Fit Yoga

See how your life becomes a pleasant adventure, full of bright colors and fun activities. Meet new friends as well.

Healthy Recipes

Pineapple Detox Juice
Pineapple Detox Juice

Add a lot of fiber and nutrients to clean and purify your digestive system.   Ingredients (1 serving) 1 cup filtered...

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Seasonal Fruit Salad
Seasonal Fruit Salad

Eating seasonal fruits will boost your energy throughout the day.   Ingredients (1 serving) 1 apple sliced 1 banana...

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Chocolate Yummy Balls
Chocolate Yummy Balls

These chocolate balls are perfect when you are craving something sweet.   Ingredients (Serving 12-15 balls) 2 cups...

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I am happy I decided to start Dr. Chaux’s 6 week program and hypopressives. It’s incredible how I followed her plan and was able to lose more weight. I started my weight loss on my own in 2015 and hit a plateau, for two years I couldn’t get lower than 199lbs. I started her plan March of this year. In 6 weeks I lost 15 lbs and have been able to maintain. Her recipes are delicious and super easy. The combination of her recipes, hypropressives and the yoga daily gave me energy throughout  day, I was so happy, my body felt great. I was in shock when I saw the changes in my body so fast. I couldn’t believe it, I felt great, my body looked better and my face was clean and clear. I definitely recommend all my friends family and everyone that wants to live a healthier lifestyle feel and look good, to give it a try, you will not regret it.

Again, thank you Dr. Chaux for all your time and dedication in helping me reach my goal.

Love Clara

I started with Alexandra for post natal physical therapy in March. In the last four months, I have seen such marked improvements. The hypopressive technique that she has taught me has really strengthened my core and helped me lose inches off of my waist. She is amazing with tailoring each workout to my own needs. I just love her bubbly personality and the confidence that she has in my ability to accomplish my goals. If you haven’t worked with her you should! Her technique works and it will be a mainstay in your workout routine.


In 2011 I received a new knee. Since then walking has been difficult for me. I have seen four Physical Therapist but the results have been less
than successful. I have seen Dr. Chaux for the past four weeks and from day one, I have felt much better. She took the time I need to understand
her treatments. She concentrated on my whole body, not just my knee as others have done. She taught me how to strengthen my hip, which had
given my knee a great deal of relief. I recommend Dr. Chaux to all my friends now.

Helen C