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Core Fit

Core Fit

Core Fit Means to Have a Strong abs and a Healthy core.

Fit or Core?

Core fit are connected. In order to be fit the core muscles need to be strong to provide balance to the spine and strength to the core.

Core is a group of muscles that offer stability and support to the back, pelvis, and hip. These muscles are the foundation for a healthy back and a core fit body.

Why is so Important to Strengthen the core Muscles?

Core muscles are used in everyday activities that involved getting up from bed, from a chair, or from the floor.

Core muscles are used with lifting a bag of groceries, carrying a baby, getting dressed, going upstairs or downstairs.

If you reach with your arms over your head or in any direction, your core muscles will work very hard to give you the stability your body need to reach.

I you are working in your garden, trimming, bending, and twisting, your core muscle will keep your body steady to move properly without losing your balance and effortless.

If you want to improve your posture and look fit with a flat tummy, your core will need to get stronger to tighten and flat your abs, to make your back stronger, and flexible, and to improve your posture awareness.

If you are having hard time to walk on uneven surfaces, and you tend to lose your balance easy, a core exercise program will help you to be more steady and be more balanced.

If you are looking for exercises to improve your core, you will benefit from hypopressives. Here is the link to understand the difference between traditional abs exercises and hypopressives.

If you are having back pain, your back will benefit from core exercises to activate the deeper abdominal muscles and from therapeutic stretches to improve the flexibility of your posterior muscles chains (back muscles, and back of your leg muscles).

If you are looking to get fit, flexible, have a better balance, and feel stronger from inside out contact Doctor Alexandra Chaux at alexandra@corefityoga.com she will help you to get fit and healthy and look the best ever.

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