Boost your Fitness with the Hypopressive Method

Boost your  Fitness with the Hypopressive Method

The hypopressive Method can improve your fitness performance!

Your fitness depend on your cardiovascular system and respiratory system health.

The hypopressive method can improve the function of your heart and respiratory system by increasing the amount of red blood cells.

The increase of red blood cells improves the oxygen level and brings more oxygen to muscle tissues and brain.

As a result, your fitness level performance improves, the respiratory muscle tone improves and the diaphragm tension decreases with the hypopressive method.

The hypopressive method can boost your fitness when the diaphragm recovers its function and brings balance to the core and pelvic floor muscles to work properly.

The diaphragm become more flexible allowing the organs to have room to ascend, the pelvic floor muscle and abdominal muscles are released from the excess of pressure flatten your belly.

The abdominal muscles acts as a corset supporting the organs and protecting the back from excess of effort to support the back upright. The pelvic floor muscle is able to hold the organs, preventing organ prolapse, incontinence or hernias.

Benefits of the hypopressive method before working out:
Increase oxygen to the tissues
Improve muscle flexibility
Increase motivation
Increase stamina

Benefits of the hypopressive method after working out:
Relax tight muscles
Prevent muscles cramps
Speed up the recovery time
Relax your whole body and mind