Discover Dr. Chaux Core Wellness System including: train abs first, tips
and plant based recipes for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Dr. Chaux Core Wellness System-Train Abs First

This ebook focuses on reprogramming the abdominal muscles to work more efficiently, plus includes a safe core workout routine and a sequence of hypopressives.

Dr. Chaux Wellness System includes:

  • » Alignment: Keep your Head up, Look Tall
  • » Assessment: Better Bend than Break
  • » Awareness: Make Good Posture a Habit
  • » Breath: Slowly Gently Deeply
  • » Core: The Effect of Sit-Ups
  • » Are you New to Planks?
  • » Planks Sequence
  • » Floor Core Exercises
  • » Diaphragm Breathing, Belly Breathing
  • » Exhalation, Hold your Breath: Apnea
  • » Apnea Benefits
  • » Learn to do Apnea the Right Way
  • » Hypopressives
  • » Steps to do Hypopressives Posture
  • » Hypopressive Sequence
  • » Hypopressives Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Chaux Core Wellness System Ebook

Dr. Chaux Core Wellness-Tips and easy plant-based recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy tips to nurture your body and mind to feel better, stronger, and happier.

Healthy Tips include:

  • Abs are Made in the Kitchen
  • Plan, Prepare and Enjoy
  • Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy
  • Unwind, Rest and Relax
  • Nature a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Sleep Makes you Prettier
  • Stay Active and Keep Moving

Dr Chaux Core Wellness System Ebook