Hypopressive for a Healthy Back

Hypopressive for a Healthy Back

Hypopressive is very effective in restoring and improving posture alignment and postural awareness.

Hypopressive for a healthy back uses a sequence of postures, series of arm movement and breathing techniques to open the rib cage and improve flexibility.

Most Clients feel the benefits from day one!

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Benefits of Hypopressive for a Healthy Back
  • Strengthen and tone weak muscles such as abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.
  • Stretch tight muscles such as diaphragm, middle, lower back, and tight shoulders.
  • Prevent or correct Forward head posture.
  • Improve nerve conductivity and prevent numbness and tingling in hands and arms.
  • May Prevent Scoliosis
Why Hypopressive Improve Posture?

Hypopressive mainly work on the postural muscles responsible of keeping an upright posture without effort and with fluid movements.

Hypopressive Doctor Alexandra Chaux

What are the Reasons for Back Issues?

70% of adults experience back or neck pain at some time in their lives. Back and neck problems are the second leading cause of disability and the leading cause of job-related disability in the United States, costing American more than $50 billion each year according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

The reason for this epidemic issue is that more people are spending longer periods working at computer, increasing work-related neck and back discomfort and predisposing the body to musculoskeletal injuries and muscles imbalances.

Reasons for Muscle Imbalances
  • Discomfort in One Side of the Body (Fractures, Pain, Accidents, Surgeries).
  • Some Sports (Tennis, Soccer, Baseball).
  • Some Types of Jobs (Desk Jobs, Commuting, Traveling Overseas).
  • Postural Habits (Prolong Sitting: prolong use of cell phone or computer).
What are the Signs of Muscle Imbalances
  • One side of the body feels tight; the other side feels weaker and gets tired easier.
  • It feels like the hips are out of the alignment. Some people say they feel “cricked” or “wobble”.
  • One arm reaches over head easier than the other.
  • One shoulder seems higher than the other.
  • One Arm can reach behind the back easier than the other.

Hypopressive for a healthy posture represents a promising new approach to improve posture, prevent musculoskeletal conditions, increase range of motion, and relieve pain.

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Hypopressive Doctor Alexandra Chaux

This innovative approach is very popular in the European countries as an integral part of their fitness programs.

It also used in Spain at gyms and physical therapy clinics for injury prevention, postural reeducation, and pain management.

Please refer clients who would like more information and those clients you feel they will get benefit from an innovative way of optimal postural restoration.