Hypopressives May Prevent Scoliosis

Hypopressives May Prevent Scoliosis

Do you know that scoliosis has a prevalence of more than 8% in adults over the age of 25 and increases up to 68% after the age of 60 due to degenerative changes in the spine, according to the Journal of Children’s Orthopedics.

Scoliosis is a Greek word “Skolios” that means curved or crooked”.

Scoliosis is the most common spinal condition in children, adolescents, and it get worse with age if it leaves untreated.

Hypopressives may prevents scoliosis and prevents major deformities that can impact negatively in health and quality of life.

If you Have scoliosis, you will feel like your back is always out of alignment.

One side of your body feels tight, and the other side feels weak. The side of the body that is tight tends to get less oxygen to the tissues. Scar tissue starts to build up restricting the mobility and function. As a result, muscles get shorter , nerves get pinched causing pain, poor postural habits, and disability.

Hypopressives brings more symmetry and balance to postural muscles. In addition, Hypopressive restores proper function and mobility.

Hypopressive is very effective in restoring proper body mechanics; including postural awareness, and function.

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