Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, now offering Online and In Person Classes in the Hypopressive Yoga Method for Pelvic and Core Health

Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, now offering Online and In Person Classes in the Hypopressive Yoga Method for Pelvic and Core Health

The Hypopressive Yoga Method was developed by Dr. Marcel Caufriez in France to help people to build a stronger healthier core. Benefits include faster recovery after child birth, a smaller waist, reduced urinary incontinence, and reduced back pain.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (PRWEB) April 30, 2018

Dr. Alexandra Chaux of Core Fit Yoga, is one of the first Doctors of Physical Therapy to study directly under Dr. Caufriez in Spain and provide the Hypopressive Yoga Method in the United States.

What is Hypopressive Method?
The Hypopressive reduces the pressure in the intra-abdominal cavity responsible for that unwanted belly that does not go away even after thousands of sit ups.
It is the modern European method created by Doctor Marcel Caufriez for getting strong abdominals in a healthy way with lasting results in a short period of time. Hypopressive is a group of rhythmical postures and breathing exercises used to balance the strength and the muscle tone between abdominals, pelvic floor, and breathing muscles. It is partly based on centuries old Yoga practices that are rarely used in the United States.

Recover figure after child birth, sculpt a smaller waist, make the abdominals/core stronger, prevent or reduce urinary incontinence, prevent back pain, restore organ prolapsed, prevent hernias, improve sexual function, have more energy, endurance, improve posture, sleep better, prevent swollen legs, and improve quality of life

I am very happy to teach this technique to the Women and Men of the United States

Who can benefit from Hypopressive Yoga?

For people having urinary leaking, having a hard time to recover their figure after pregnancy, pelvic or back pain, dealing with stress, and having a hard time to sleep at night. Those that have a medical history of abdominal surgery, pregnancies, fatigue, bloated, often constipated, having a weak and distended abdomen, a slouched posture, swollen legs, organ prolapsed, diasti recti, would benefit from this practice. Also, those having painful sex or hard time to reach orgasms have benefited as well.

Hypopressive Abdominal gymnastics is a certification given just exclusively to doctors, and physical therapists in Spain.

There is just one health professional certified in the USA: Dr. Alexandra Chaux, DPT. Dr. Chaux is a doctor of physical therapy in California, certified yoga instructor, and certified in the Hypopressive method by Doctor Caufriez. She went to Spain in January 2014 to get certified specifically to help her patients with abdominal and pelvic issues. The results have been outstanding for her Clients and Students.

Doctor Alexandra has being giving workshops in Mexico, private, and semi-private classes and California with successful outcomes.

Doctor Chaux was featured on Univision, America’s largest Spanish speaking television channel to speak about and demonstrate the Hypopressive Yoga Method.

Dr Chaux is available for interviews, demonstrations and guest teaching anywhere in the United States. You can visit her website at http://www.CoreFitYoga.com or email her at Alexandra(at)CoreFitYoga.com for more information.

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