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Hypopressive Core Series 2

Hypopressive Core Series 2

Hypopressive Core Series 2 for a Strong tummy and a Healthy core.

Hypopressive Core Series 2 focus on more challenging postures to target your core from inside-out.  For instances, say goodbye to sit ups instead do Hypopressives  Core Series 2!

Do you Care About Having a Six-pack? Of course we all care🙈😊. On the other hand, why for some people is easier to get a six-pack? In order to create six-pack abs is necessary to have a minimum amount of body fat. Women need less than 15% of body fat, and men less than 20% of body fat to be able to show off an amazing 6-pack abs!

The best approach to set you up for success for a strong tummy and a healthy core is:
  1. Do Hypopressives Core Series 2 to reduce waistline, improve Posture, and muscle tone in the tummy to make you look thinner and fitter.
  2. Eat mindfully. Increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Cut back on sweets, refined sugars from white bread; saturated fats from French fries, fried food, and fast foods. And eat in moderation.
  3. Exercises Regularly. To burn any excess of calories and body fat.Your goal is to workout in moderate to vigorous aerobic exercises. This type of exercise help to reduce the body fat, specially the abdominal fat. Aerobic exercises include swimming, fast walking, jogging, etc. Exercise at leas three to five days per week for at least one hour.


hypopressive core series 2

Benefits of Hypopressive Core Series 2
  1. Improve posture and body alignment.
  2. Tones abdomen, and pelvic floor.
  3. Improve digestion.
  4. Loosens stiff shoulders and neck.
  5. Slim the waistline.
  6. Calms nervous system.
  7. Strengthen your back.
  8. Improves breathing and circulation
Why Hypopressive Core Series 2 Focus on the Core?
The core muscles provide stability to the spine and strength to the core. Also,  the core is a group of muscles that offer stability and support to the back, pelvis, and hip. These muscles are the foundation for a healthy back, healthy tummy and, body.

Core muscles are used in everyday activities that involved getting up from bed, from a chair, or from the floor. For instance, Hypopressive Core Series 2 is here! to help your core with daily activities, such ash lifting a bag of groceries, carrying a baby, getting dressed, going upstairs or downstairs, and so on.

Hypopressive Core Series 2 will make you stronger and you will be able to move more efficient and effortless. In addition,  If you reach with your arms over your head or in any direction, your core muscles will give you the stability your body need to reach. without any discomfort.

If you want to improve your posture and look fit with a flat tummy, you will need to tone your tummy,  to make your back stronger, and flexible, and to improve your posture awareness.  As a matter of fact, Hypopressive Core Series 2 will reprogram your core, body, and mind to improve your posture.

If you are looking for exercises to improve your core, you will benefit from Hypopressives Core Series 2. Here is the link to understand the difference between traditional abs exercises and hypopressives.

If you are having back tightness or stiffness, your back will benefit from Hypopressive Core Series 2 to activate the deeper abdominal muscles and from therapeutic stretches to improve the flexibility of your posterior muscles chains (back muscles, and back of your leg muscles).

Hypopressive Core Series 2! will be here Soon!




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