Hypopressive Core Series 3

Hypopressive Core Series 3

Hypopressive Core Series 3 is not a workout is a healthy lifestyle!

Why to use Hypopressive Core Series 3 to get fit, feel and look the best ever?

Hypopressive Core Series 3 uses the Hypopressive Abdominal Method to rejuvenates your body and brings it back to a more youthful structure and vitality!

hypopressive core series 3

This amazing series uses functional exercises to build a strong body foundation, make you stronger, and to improve your activity of daily living free of aches and pains.


hypopressive core series 3

Hypopressive Core Series 3 include yoga postures to still your mind. In addition, your mind is more prepare to connect with your inner being, and learn to heal yourself with your own healing tools.


The benefits of Hypopressive Core Series 3 are incredible for the body, mind, and soul!

hypopressive core series3

  •      A Beautiful Flat Tummy
  •      Regaining Body Aesthetic after Child Birth (Post Partum)
  •      Improving Performance/Sensitivity of Sexual Function.
  •      Reducing/Eliminating Incontinence Issues
  •      Diaphragm Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  •      Reduced Stress on Lower Back
  •      Improved Breathing and Oxygen Intake
  •      Improved Digestion and Regularity
  •      Vastly Improved Core Strength
  •      Improve your Balance
  •     Strengthen your Whole Body
  •    Improve your Posture
  •    Prevent Back Pain
  •    Improve your Body Flexibility
Want a healthy toned Tummy?   Hypopressive Core Series 3 is the solution!
Sit-ups and have been the exercise of choice to build a six-packs super abs for long time. Unfortunately, recent studies have found that sit-ups predispose the back to more injuries. As a result,  30% of Lumbar spine flexion occurred during sit ups, increasing the intradiscal pressure and greater risk for back injuries.The back has to work harder to counteract the activation of the abdominal muscles.
Reasons to avoid sit-ups:
Sit ups only target few muscles of the body, in this case abdominal muscles and hip flexors.
Increase Intra-abdominal pressure which predispose de body to urinary incontinence, and hernias.
Sit-ups make the hip flexor tighter affecting the normal curvature of the lower back and increasing the risk of back discomfort and pain.
Increase the risk of diastasis recti or abdominal separation specially after childbirth.
Lower back discomfort or back tightness specially after a long drive or prolong sitting.
What is the best core workout?
The best core exercises should be focused on enhancing spinal and pelvic stabilization first.
Hypopressive Core Series 3 is the best options.
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Hypopressive Video!

Are you ready to start a new healthy lifestyle where you can heal yourself by learning to connect with your body?

That means Hypopressive Core Series 3 is for you!

Contact Doctor Alexandra Chaux at alexandra@corefityoga.com she can create customized programs based on your needs and goals

Hypopressive Core Series 3 Coming Soon


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