VIP Flat Tummy Program

VIP Flat Tummy Program
VIP Flat Tummy  Program Include exercises to Flatten the Tummy, Shrink Waistline, using the Hypopressive Method, and Nutritional Tips to lose belly fat in Only Six Weeks!
What is VIP Flat Tummy Program?

Its a program designed to teach you to build a strong core foundation from inside out with the hypopressive method, healthy tips to lose belly fat, and a customized program created only for your needs and goals!

You will learn to reset weak and tense muscles, reprogram the abdominal muscles to work more efficiently, and to maintain a flat tummy at all times without even thinking about it!

How Many weeks the Program last?

This program last 6 weeks. The brain needs six weeks to reset, reprogram, and learn a new task. That is why this program last six weeks to maximize results and reach your flat tummy goals!

When Does This Program Start?

This program starts as soon as your body and mind are ready! If you are new to hypopressives or are looking for an effective way of flatten your tummy, this program is perfect for you!

Does the  VIP Flat Tummy Program Include a Nutrition Plan?

Yes, This program include healthy recipes to reset and transform your body, mind, and lifestyle. This program is about creating the best VERSION of you through healthy eating, exercise, and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Why Does VIP Flat Tummy Work?

This program works because is designed according to your expectations! This program will give you the foundation for a lifetime experience of great health. Let’s start this journey together and let’s make your goals come true.

Where Can you Perform the hypopressive Exercises?

At the comfort of your home!  You only need a yoga mat and comfortable clothe!

Whats Included with Your Program?
  • Two 30-minute Online Sessions Zoom, or Facebook (one Initial, and one at the end of Week six).
  • Healthy tips to lose belly fat without starving or dieting.
  • Healthy and Easy Plant-Base Recipes.
  • Customized Sessions according to your needs.
  • Four 30 minute hypopressive sessions.
  • Breathing techniques to activate your core, improve posture, and reduce stress.
  • and So Much More!

Guided by a Hypopressive Certified expert and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

You will receive one on one service with a session customized to your needs and goals.  Each session includes demonstration of each pose synchronized with breathing techniques.

What are the Benefits of VIP Flat Tummy Program?
  • Teach you to move safe to the next posture
  • Help you to learn breathing techniques to activate the right muscles during each posture
  • Improve your mind-body awareness
  • Enhance your posture
  • Improve your body flexibility
  • Strengthen your postural muscles (including the abs, pelvic floor, and lower back)
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Reduce your waist line
  • Prevent Back pain
  • Improve your balance and stability
  • Prevent hernias
  • Prevent urinary incontinence
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
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