Traditional Abdominal Workout Vs Hypopressive Abdominal Workout

Traditional Abdominal Workout Vs Hypopressive Abdominal Workout
Traditional Abdominal Workout Vs Hypopressive Abdominal Workout

Traditional abdominal exercises help you to keep your core strong.

Why do you still see a belly when you get up in the morning, or while you are sitting or standing in a relaxed position?

Why are you always have to stick your tummy in to look slender in your favorite dress, bikini, or tight pants knowing that you have a strong core?

The answer is that traditional abdominal exercises work on the voluntary muscles which are activated with a purpose, such as making a flat stomach to fit in our favorite pants.

Over time, the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles get weaker and lose their involuntary function of keeping visceral organs in place.

Weak abdominal and pelvic muscles predisposing the body to health and aesthetic issues, such as a flaccid belly, back pain, poor posture, incontinence, and hernias.

There is an innovative method called Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics developed by Medical Practitioners like Marcel Caufriez, PHD in Movement Science and specialist in pelvic dysfunction rehabilitation.

The Hypopressive Method is becoming very popular in UK and Latin countries, as an alternative way of exercising abdominal muscles, and preventing pelvic dysfunctions.

This method retrains the muscles tone of the abdominal fascia, core, and pelvic floor simultaneously by facilitating an involuntary abdominal muscle contraction at all times.

The method must be performed by a health care professionals certified in this technique. The health care professional is trained in performing a detailed physical assessment of the patient’s health and establishes the best plan of care according to patient needs to maximize positive outcomes.

Positive results can be seen after two months of consistent practice. At least three times a week in the first 6 weeks, and 5 to 6 times a week in the following six months are required.

The Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics contributes to a flat stomach and a reduced waist size in a short period of time.

The Hypopressive Method contributes to a better quality of life, to improve posture, to prevent pelvic dysfunctions for better overall health and pain prevention.

As a result you will have less risk of developing pelvic dysfunctions and back pain, and get a flat tummy.  You will enjoy a good posture without trying too hard to look slender at all time.

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